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Minibus Tours

Lewisham Coach Tours  

To the south east of London is the great city of Lewisham, which forms part of the Lewisham Borough. It is considered a major metropolis in the London Hub and mainly serves as a residential and commercial transport centre.
According to ancient history, Lewisham town was discovered around the 6th century, when a pagan immigrant set sail in the area; around where the St. Mary’s Church is today. We as Lewisham minibus hire want to give you a comprehensive tour of the town and discover more of this interesting past. We do so by providing affordable coach tours within Lewisham for tourists.  
Things to Do in Lewisham 

From ancient to the modern, Lewisham definitely has a charm for people of all ages. A town that is several centuries old definitely has a lot to explore and we are glad to help you do that. You only need to relax in our Mercedes 16 seater or a Ford Transit 8 seater coach as you prepare to be bewildered. As a plus, we will provide a professional minibus hire in Lewisham driver to be the tour guide for the day. 
The Horniman Museum  
The Horniman museum is the perfect place to be if you want to learn all things music. They have an immaculate display of musical instruments used by past and even present local composers. Also under the same roof is a modern aquarium which your kids will love in case they got bored with the clarinet or trombone talk from the guide. The Horniman Museum is also less crowded so you will move around freely and get the most of it. 
The Green Mini Golf 

The mini course is located in Hither Green and is open to all those golfing fads locally as well as visiting tourists. This Hither Green golf course was opened in 2010 and grew in popularity fast being the only indoor Swedish golf course in the UK. At a pocket friendly price, you can show up any day and have a go at the different challenging courses. They also hold golfing tournaments regularly so you can sign up and see how you fair against the Swedish/English pro golfers. 
Manor House Library 

A beautiful grandeur property surrounded by lush gardens, the Manor House library is a quiet ideal spot for bookworms. The staff is quite friendly and will guide you through the wide array of books.  
Mountsfield Park 
If you are looking for the best place to get together and unwind as family, Mountsfield Park is the most ideal venue. It may not have anything fancy like an in-built lake, but there is plenty of space to throw a wedding, birthday party or a family picnic. Additionally, there are café’s and tea rooms selling cold & hot drinks, home-made ice cream and an assortment of food. If you didn’t bring your own lunch you can order some there as you enjoy the scenic view of South London. 
The Dirty South
The Dirty South is an entertainment venue where the best of bands gather to wow the crowds with their music. And if you are looking for a pub that sells drinks late in the night, the Dirty South is the definite joint. Book a table with your friends, order some of the finest local beer and enjoy the electrifying performances on stage; you can expect to see modern bands and even classic ones from the 90’s. 
Babur Restaurant 
When it comes to take outs, nothing beats Babur for its Indian cuisine. The restaurant is just close to Oak Park train station and has a great reputation for its tasty treats. Drop by and order something spicy before proceeding with your day tour. By all means make sure one of their curries is in your lunch order; you won’t regret it.  
The Gennaro Delicatessan 
For all those lovers of Italian cuisine, this is an Italian shop with the most authentic food products in London. Walk in the shop and a welcoming scent of pasta, fresh cheese, coffee and charcuterie hits you; the shop also sells the finest bread and olive oil from native Italy. The Deli Shop is family owned and the shop owners are a very friendly folk. 
Events in Lewisham  
1. The Half Term Play Dough Dame (Kids Show), The Albany Centre & Theatre, Lewisham (16th-17th Feb 2016 
2. The Noise Report (Music Concert), The Albany Centre & Theatre, Lewisham (26th-27th Feb 2016) 
3. Montage Theatre Arts Spring, Prendergast Hilly Fields College, Lewisham (1st Mar 2016) 
4. Darby & Joan Club, Kingswood Hall, Lewisham (1st Mar 2016) 
5. Eastern Fun Day (Family Event), Beckenham Place Park, Lewisham (26th Mar 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
Whenever you need minibus hire in Lewisham, we have a number of Volvos or Mercedes coaches to rent affordably. We specialise in many areas of travel but our coach tours is the most popular among tourists. Our itinerary is quite comprehensive and we provide a trained professional driver who will be the friendliest chauffer/tour guide for the whole day.